06 Dec 2021

Watch: Driverless taxis take to the roads in Abu Dhabi

Watch: Driverless taxis take to the roads in Abu Dhabi

If you haven’t yet seen the driverless taxis on trial on Abu Dhabi roads, your wait has ended.

Abu Dhabi authorities on Monday released a video of driverless taxis plying on the streets in the emirate. The video shows the taxis, fitted with navigation equipment on their rooftops, gently taking a turn onto a main road, their steering wheels turning on their own even as an official sits in the driving seat.

This video is part of the Mubadala-backed Group 42’s trials for the Middle East’s first driverless ride-sharing service – TXAI – which started earlier this month.

Group 42’s Bayanat began with five cars on Yas Island, which is home to a Formula One race track and the Ferrari World theme park. All cars have a safety officer on board.

“The environmentally friendly electric vehicles equipped with sensors combined with a smart geographical ecosystem and supported by artificial intelligence will help develop TXAI’s driverless capabilities,” said Hasan Al Hosani, CEO of Bayanat, in the video.

A second phase of the trial will include more vehicles in multiple locations across Abu Dhabi. G42 expects to launch a ride-hailing app when the programme is made public, and plans to make the hardware technology available for purchase so it can be installed on other vehicles.

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