Pitch Competition

  • A programmatic DOOH platform which converts transparent glasses to digital display - helps segment, target & retarget audience based on their behavior and demographic data
  • Pix Force

    23 Jul 2019
    Pix Force develops solutions for interpreting images and videos automatically - we process the images cheaper, faster and more precisely than traditional human-based systems.
  • key2enable brings digital accessibility to People of Determination by providing innovative tools for accessing computers, learning, gaming and living with greater autonomy!
  • Individualized and flexible online mental health solution with peer support and therapist interactions.
  • Toucan Toco

    17 Sep 2019
    Toucan helps organisations communicate insights to their non technical business users by putting data in a context and delivering it with the quickest go to market time and adoption rate (no training)
  • we are newly established company with ambitions vision creating brand new innovation of deliveries in communities.
  • PointCheckout

    23 Sep 2019
    PointCheckout is a payment platform for loyalty points, allowing users to pay with their existing points on thousands of merchants online and in-store.
  • Treejer

    21 Jul 2019
    Treejer is a blockchain-based reforestation platform incentivizing businesses & individuals to tackle Climate Change with the help of local communities.
  • RoboChef - World's First Fully Automated Robotic Kitchen that cooks 500+ recipes with ZERO manual effort from vegetable chopping to cooking to serving powered by IoT, Robotics & Machine Learning.
  • Stitch is a game-testing platform that connects game-developers with play-testers, where developers reward testers with points, used to acquire premium games, when they submit quality feedback and bug
  • Our platform for building omni-channel virtual assistants includes native Arabic understanding in multiple dialects and includes text and voice conversations.
  • Spica Tech

    10 Apr 2019
    Spica tech is an academy which fosters children’s interest in Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics disciplines by teaching them skills needed to make video games.

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