Times may be uncertain, but on thing remains true – The power of people coming together. That’s why this year, GITEX, GITEX Future Stars, GISEC, Future Blockchain Summit and Marketing Mania were the year’s ONLY tech events, LIVE, in-person, in Dubai.

GITEX offered access to five high-octane tech conferences, each one deep-diving into a core industry with the world’s leading tech minds and business magnates headlining the sessions.

This year the conference programme was a platform to unlearn pre-COVID strategies, rethink and shift your perspectives, and prepare your business and career for the next set of opportunities that are arising in today’s fast-mutating business world.

Artificial Intelligence - One of the most disruptive technologies after electricity to hit mankind, artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the world order – socially, economically, politically and culturally. Anybody who misses the AI revolution now, is missing the opportunity to optimise future societies.
Be part of the AI track at GITEX, one of the world’s largest technology shows, harnessing key future technologies for the betterment of people and the advancement of society.

Smart Cities & 5G - By 2050, more than two thirds of the planet’s population will live in cities. Strengthening community resilience and improving business efficiency has become an even bigger priority than before and as the world changed in 2020. 5G is at the core to leverage connectivity and other technologies depending on ever-greater network speed, capacity and security. This conference looks at meeting and exceeding these expectations to deliver the smart cities of tomorrow.

Startups -  Earlier this year, we woke to a world stood still in unison. COVID-19 has changed everything, and created a new reality for all to discover. With a global economic value of nearly $3 trillion, a figure larger than the GDP of  G20 members UK, France or Brazil, the startup economy has proven their outsized worth. There has never has there been a time more prevalent than now, the urgency fiercer, for this global community to work together to shape their new reality.

FinTech - Explore the emerging opportunities for Fintech for you to evolve business models, create new services and ways to deliver more value to customers. Topics covered include Open Banking, AI, Paytech, Regtech, Insurtech, Lendtech, Financial Inclusion, e-commerce and much more…

Healthcare - We want to extend our gratitude to the frontline workers for their heroic efforts against Covid-19! The crisis has revealed how the digital preparedness of health care systems influenced their ability to respond. Speed, service and innovation are the key drivers during a public health emergency. It seems the pandemic has transformed the healthcare system by years within a matter of weeks.

Education  - Physical closure of educational institutes in over 177 countries around the world has affected nearly 1.3 billion students, about 72.4% of total enrolled, thus disrupting traditional learning methods (source -UNESCO). The jarring impact of the pandemic has also transformed into a global economic and labor market shock. Employers, governments, and workers are collaborating to reset the labor markets. Keeping all this in mind, what will be the new future of work?

Future Mobility & Transport and Supply Chain - Every aspect of modern mobility is currently under reevaluation in the wake of the global pandemic. Much will change for how we look at transport, but the aim of Future Mobility remains the same: moving people and goods faster, safer and in a more cost-, energy- and space-efficient manner. This conference explores the transformation of travel and making it better through technologies.

Marketing Mania Conference -  The deluge of visual stimuli has dramatically raised the complexity and stakes in the war for attention. Part creative strategist, part technologist and part tastemaker, the modern-day marketer defies traditional or straightforward classification, and is a cross-functional, multidisciplinary polymath. These multifaceted demands and forces of change have brought out the best in many marketing leaders, who have found ingenious and creative ways to cut through the clutter and left arresting and emotive imprints on us. Marketing Mania is the platform for creative geniuses to meet the tech geeks of the world.

Future Blockchain Government -  Public administration, education and healthcare sectors will be the biggest beneficiaries of Blockchain. Explore how blockchain can enhance cooperation and partnerships between the various government, federal and local entities with international companies and startups across sectors.

GISEC Conference -  A recent study predicts cybercrimes will cost the world $6 trillion a year by next year (2021). It is critical to prepare and defend unknown areas of vulnerability, cyber threats, and survive in this new age of information warfare post pandemic. What are the security professionals doing to review their cybersecurity strategies to protect themselves, and the business, against these cyberattacks? Find your answers from the experts in-person!


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