07 Jan 2022

TiE Global winner’s startup aims to produce sustainable packing material from seaweed

TiE Global winner’s startup aims to produce sustainable packing material from seaweed
When Neha Jain was searching for sustainable alternatives for packaging, she looked to the ocean for inspiration.

Her startup, Zerocircle Alternatives, uses seaweed to help companies with custom solutions for their packaging requirements.

In October 2020, TiE Women, a global initiative by The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) dedicated to helping women across the globe reach their full potential by empowering them with the necessary support to build leadership skills and grow their business, announced the winners of the second edition of their global pitch competition.

Held at GITEX Global 2021 under GITEX Future Stars in Dubai, Neha Jain, Founder and CEO of Zerocircle, was announced the winner and awarded $70,000. Neha is a TIE Delhi-NCR member and was also a finalist at the TiE Delhi-NCR Regional Finale of 'TiE Women Global Pitch Competition 2021 '.

Neha’s startup, Zerocircle Alternatives, aims to leverage technology to produce sustainable packing material and help companies march towards a carbon-neutral future.

However, her journey started years back. After completing her graduation from Christ College, Bengaluru, Neha joined Google in 2006, travelled all over the country during her corporate days, and settled in Mumbai in 2009, making it her home.

“When I finished my corporate stint, I took my time to work on multiple businesses, including architecture. I discovered that issues impacting climate and pollution cannot be solved by better engineering and conscious consumer choices alone. It needed change at the top. The resources needed to be regenerative, scalable, and socially inclusive. At the same time, the solutions should be industrially compatible to deliver a large-scale impact,” Neha says.

Looking at the ocean for inspiration, she found a ‘big opportunity’ no one was looking at.

“It’s the largest and the most ancient resource on the planet. Within the ocean grows seaweed. One out of two breaths we take, comes from the ocean. If the ocean breathes, we live. Instead of turning it into a dump yard, I wanted to harness the power of the ocean to make the building blocks of tomorrow and the future of materials,” she says.

Neha points out that single-use plastics, consumed in high volumes, is used for less than five minutes but unfortunately lives on for hundreds of years. Its alternatives – paper, glass, or cloth - are equally exploitative towards the planet.

She decided to make a difference in the entire value chain by using seaweed as an alternative source. She believes its cultivation provides “a more robust source of income to financially fragile fishing communities and keeps carbon footprint at a minimum”.

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