11 Mar 2021

A report on Dubai’s startup ecosystem

A report on Dubai’s startup ecosystem

Dubai Startup Report 2021 is a guide on Dubai's startup landscape and what it can offer to international investors and other interested parties including business-friendly incentives and measures.

Dubai Startup Hub, the entrepreneurship initiative of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus (Dtec), a tech co-working space wholly owned by Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) have collaboratively released the Dubai Startup Report 2021- a guide on Dubai’s startup landscape and what it can offer to international investors and other interested parties.

Having collectively helped over 10,000 founders and investors in the Emirate, both entities’ joint experiences have helped constitute the report.

In addition to information on business-friendly incentives and measures aimed at boosting foreign investment and attracting global startups, the report also features the level of economic competitiveness in Dubai, a guide to its free zones, other government initiatives targeted at easing the process of setting up a business in the Emirate, as well as details on the venture capital ecosystem and other access to finance.

Among the business-friendly incentives that have been detailed out in the report are the UAE golden card permanent residency system for expat investors, a 5-year visa for entrepreneurs, as well as a procedure that could grant UAE citizenship to certain foreigners.

Source: Entrepreneur Magazinehttps://www.entrepreneur.com/article/366386

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